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День рождения.

Ни один мой день рождения не бывает похож на другой. Они ВСЕГДА разные. И даже гости на них обычно разнятся от года к году. Обычно я приглашаю лишь тех, кто поздравляет меня конкретно в день моего рождения, и ничего заранее не готовлю. Все складывается само собой и всегда по-разному.  Бывает скучновато, но в большинстве случаев все проходит так, что остается надолго в памяти гостей.

2002 год

2006 год

Но расскажу я сегодня про свой день рождения 1998 года (напомню: незадолго до этого разразился финансовый кризис). Рассказ написан по-английски (изначально это был e-mail для кого-то из моих англоговорящих друзей, которые не смогли по уважительной причине принять участие в этом действе.

My birthday party turned out to be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wild and cool. My original idea this year was NOT to do anything special and see what would happen. I mean NOTHING AT ALL. It started as a birthday ought to. People were coming and going, calling and forgetting to call, playing guitar and banjo, citing verses and quoting prose... It was a nice atmosphere. What else can be said about it? We all know how it is... By about 10 in the evening I got a phone-call from a friend of mine (Natasha) that had been at the dacha (it was sunday) and therefore couldn't have come to my place. By that time it was only 3 of us left: me, my good old friend Roma and his wife Irina. So we decided to go to Natasha's (which is another part of Moscow - about an hour or so by subway) 'cause it was too late for a young lady to travel alone in Moscow. We put guitar and banjo in the cases and left. As soon as we got into subway we took the instruments out (I can't even say why we decided to do so but somehow that idea seemed absolutely natural: there couldn't have been any other way) and started to play and sing right in the metro car. People around (that managed to survive the crises and some of them were still struggling) had been talking about high prices and where to buy anything for "yesterday's price". All of a sudden they started to applaud to us, a few of them were coming up to us to say "thank you". We were so touched... I liked that feeling so much... We were playing louder in order to overcome the noise of the train (Moscow subway is pretty noisy).  I mean I don't know if it's possible to convey this feeling in letters and words... It was a great feeling of inspiration. We scratched our fingers over the strings (especially Roma who was playing banjo that required a lot of arpeggio technique) but we didn't care much about it... We were getting kick out of it and so were the passengers. I didn't see any cops...  Somehow at that point it never even cross my mind that they existed...  but Roma said he saw them on three stations on our way.  And they saw us but decided not to bother us (though we were pretty loaded). I think we looked cool! We kept this mood till about 5 in the morning. We got to Natasha and continued singing...  More to say we sang some of the Russian folk songs acapello. Our throats were rinsed with vodka a little and trained by singing in the trains that we performed them so beautiful (with "third", "fourth" and even "fifth" at times).  4 full voices and the neighbors didn't complain...  Believe me it was so nice and...  Do you know that quire singing is very good for health? Russians were singing while cooking in the old days and they believed that the food would have been more tasteful and healthy. Have you heard Dmitry Pokrovsky's (he unfortunately died a year or so ago) group that were collecting and singing Russian folk songs? And that was not fake Russian songs good only to fool the simple-minded foreigners but the "real mcCoy". Anyways. We were actually trying also to sing some songs in Ukranian but unfortunately we failed to remember more than a few couplets. It was wild like in good old days and when the next day we got back home we continued remembering old stories of ours and we knew that we would remember that birthday of mine as something special. Believe me I've seen a lot of birthday parties (not only mine) but this one was really something. You would have loved it! Also it was the first one since long time when we were really short of money, you know... And I'm so satisfied, man... What is the fucking crisis if we still able to do something like this?!!!

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