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1847. No plane no gain.

(from the disputes with my American friends).

First of all, and I wanna make it clear right away, I have no intentions to argue with anybody on either side.

If Americans for some reason are already so sure that the MH17 plane was shot down by the Donetsk rebels and it would not have been possible without active assistance from Russia and Putin, so fine then. If everything's so clear let's call back the investigators. And bomb Baghdad instead. Oh, you have bombed Baghdad? What a pity! So let's bomb Belgrade then. Oh, you have bombed them as well?! Is there any place on Earth you guys haven't blown yet?!
So if by any chance you don't wanna step on I-rake one more time, I suggest we'd rather wait for investigators to finish their job first, OK? Cause bombing had never been a solution to anything. Even in Belgrade. Even more in Belgrade, where Americans haven't even notice that they destroyed the existing back then vulnerable international ballance along with the city and brought our countries to the different sides of the barricades (as we call it in Russian). Russia was too weak back then and Clinton didn't care much about it. Now the time has come to pay the Bill. (For the specifically talented here that might get an idea that I'm happy about it, - I'm not.) And yes, I also feel it's unfair that Ukraine has to pay for the US mistakes.

Americans now seem to be following logic of a Hollywood movie. Putin is a bad guy and that proves that he's guilty. The situation there is much more complicated than what they present. Life is not black-and-white. And somebody have to tell them the awful truth (and BTW Santa doesn't exist either). The informational war is in full swing and Ukranians lie to the world not less than Russians do. More to say each side feel absolutely right to do so BECAUSE the other side does. And it's very silly under these circumstanses to take either part.

In 1930-ies, as you might know, basically all GULAG victims admitted that they where Singapore spies (even if they didn't know what was Singapore) or even Kangaroo rapists. Can you come up with something more convincing than the words of smb that can be interested, scared or what not?!
On the other hand, Buk is not a matchbox. If it crossed the border, as you claim, there should be evidences: official satalite aerial shots at least. Anything more convincing than a bunch of shitty videos that can be shot whenever and whereever by whoever. You presume the Buk was from Russia? Quite possible. But first you have to prove it and it also has to be traced to Putin or to Russia, if you wanna blame either. I'd also would like to see the proves that it was shot down by Buk at all. The speculations that it can't be anything else does not convince me whatsoever. Just out of the blue it could also be a meteorite, right?
Also when you charge Donetsk rebels, do you at least realize that majority of them are Ukranian citizens. There are some Russians there that fight on their side, right. Do you think it's THEM that have to be blamed for the launch? I have doubts. At least it has to be proven. Even more doubts I have that Putin sent these Russians to fight there and not that they just volunteered. And if they did, who are to blame?!
At least all of that has to be clarified and proven. By the independent investigators. The allegation that this kind of investigation can not be provided can not serve as a proof of anything in any case. And the issue of personal belongings, no matter how ugly it is, has nothing much to do with the causes of the accident and is just bullshiting the subject to my mind. Also let me just remind you one useless little thing called the presumption of innocence: nobody can be found guilty until it's been proven by facts.

I rest the case.

Guyz, if you still didn't get it. I'm not gonna argue with you. If you want it so much, there's plenty of nashies, vatniks and Kolorads online, that would be happy to explain you everything. They are real experts on everything: from the warfare to the particular design qualities of Boeing 777. I'm not. I'd rather wait for the facts. I have nowhere to rush.

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