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2453 How I became a cotton-head Vatnik.

Since most of my American friends are WELL-EDUCATED people (unlike the ones they belive that voted for Trump) of course they were (and quite actively) supporting Clinton on the past American elections (which I understood) and I was for Tr... No, for Truth.

In other words for quite some time I didn't give a shit. It really had nothing to do with me... before they started to claim that "Russia had an impact on the outcome of this election". Umm. No, they didn't have the balls to ACCUSE anybody because there was no evidence. They BLAME. Bla-bla-me.

It's a very real probability that Russia was responsible, they would say, that people within the Russian government hacked in to Democrat email and gave it to Wikileaks in an effort to influence the US election, more specifically to undermine Hillary Clinton's chances of winning. And Putin seemed very happy when Trump was ellected.

Putin SEEMED... My ass! What a killing arguement! And for the Christ's sake! Maybe at least after Iraq you guys should rather stop jerking off with probabilities and once and for all start to prove your statements. Cause remember, nobody is guilty unless proven the opposite.

I rest the case.

Disputes with my friends on MH-17 plane tragedy:

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